Acupuncture for feet and back pain

Often the feet are overlooked in the diagnosis for pain. But one clinic in Brisbane is pushing the envelope when it comes to pain relief. Acupuncture Brisbane is leading the way for foot and back pain diagnosis and management through natural medicine.

A picture of a foot is attached below for your convenience.


Acupuncture needles are inserted at precise acu-points or ‘meridians’ on the patients body. In doing so these needles affect the life force flow of Qui or Chi. Chi is an important mainstay in Chinese and Japanese acupuncture. controlling this energy is paramount to effective pain relief.

Back pain is one of the leading causers of absenteeism in Australian Society. So Acupuncture Brisbane is conducting revolutionary treatments to alleviate and ultimately cure this terrible blight on society. Owner Terry explains, “when people come to us with chronic back pain its important that we view their problem holistically. Our acupuncture for back pain treatments can be extremely effective. There is no point treating someone with a structural or medical issue that will negatively affect the results we can achieve. We always recommend first time patients visit their doctor for a comprehensive examination prior to coming to our Acupuncture clinic in Kedron Brisbane northside.

His views are shared by the Brisbane Acupuncture Society who overseas and regulates the industry on Brisbane’s northside. Representative Holly says that, “acupuncture isn’t for everyone, it’s important that a patient views their problem as potentially consisting of multiple factors”




Increase the benefits of healthy eating

Did you know that one in five people are essentially malnourished? Often we find that this is not because they don’t eat properly, instead it is because of a lack of proper nutrient absorption.

Things such as alcohol, sugary drinks and fatty foods can all work against your body’s natural processes which help it absorb and consume the benefits of foods.

Thanks to a technology and process which has become commonplace in many people’s lives we can enjoy the concept of colon cleansing at¬†which is Melbourne’s most famous colonic irrigation clinic based in both the CBD and St Kilda.

The process of colon cleansing is undertaken by inserting a pencil thin tube into one’s rear. This tube contains lukewarm water which is then pumped into the bowels slowly and gently instigating the need to defecate into the the surrounding plastic mould.

Through repetition of filling the bowels and allowing feces and water to pass out together, the colon is naturally cleansed of all impurities and toxins that it may have retained.

It is not abnormal for those undertaking colonics to feel uncomfortable pain as the water penetrates and is absorbed into dried and hard pieces of fecal matter. As this process occurs slight cramping may be felt by the person having the treatment but this will pass and the use of a warm wheat bag will help calm any pain which may be as a result of the water.

It sounds daunting and scary at first but having a colonic irrigation is a very safe and effective way to increase vitality and improve your health. It’s not something that should or actually does have a stigma associated with it, after-all we all need to ensure our bowels are kept in good condition to prevent the occurrence of bowel cancer, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and other like issues.

Customers always report how effective the treatment is and four out of five patients would recommend it to someone.

A good diet and eating healthily is a great place to start

Eating healthily is an important part of the vitality of life. That said, it isn’t all about nutrition, calories and uninteresting diet plans that are hard to follow or difficult to value. Instead maintaining a healthy diet, exercising and ensuring good overall health is the way to go.

For many of us who lead a busy lifestyle, the convenience of good dieting is not easy. In fact it’s extremely challenging to maintain a balance. For many of us, quick solutions to our health come as welcomed because we fell that provided we are helping our body to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle we are going to live a great life.


Unfortunately this isn’t always true. The fads or today become the health worries of tomorrow. Remember those super foods on TV? All of a sudden they become neglected and forgotten about the next because their value was disputed by experts, found to be untrue and therefore the product was likely either withdraw for sale or the marketers behind it disappeared into no where.

What if there was a health detox or health method that actually had solid health benefits? For centuries civilizations have counted on the value and benefits of colon cleansing and colonic irrigation Melbourne such as at this page.

The benefits of colon cleansing have long been debated or even hidden by some so called “experts”, they claim there are dangers in the practice despite a suite of evidence from reputable natural therapists to the contrary.

Colon Cleaning has often been associated with the remedy of conditions such as headaches, acne, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. The reason colon cleansing is so effective is because it removes toxic waste and build up from the large intestine. This toxic waste can leach into the blood stream causing complications of ill health.

This method is not an instant pill to recovery, but for many people it does help almost instantly with the conditions you may be suffering.

We strongly recommend you visit our clinic for a consultation.